I had known Peter for years before finally gaining the opportunity to work
together around 2010, and we have been in close contact ever since. Pete has proven to be an excellent resource, particularly for identity development strategy and visual design– though the rest of his body of work speaks for itself– and in my experience, delivers beyond expectation. The highest praise I can offer is that the next time I’m in need of Peter’s experience and skill, I’ll do so in a heartbeat.

Curt Franklin
Creative Director
Ricochet Partners

Peter is the consummate professional in strategic marketing and communications. He is adept at distilling technical or otherwise complex topics and creating buzz through targeted digital and print campaigns. I’ve seen him work skillfully in various industries from medtech to IoT, creating compelling materials that blend brilliant graphic design and relevant content for the particular customer journey. He’s a delight to work with.

Patty Kamysz
Marketing Manager
Flex Health Solutions

I worked with Peter, for a number of years, when he was VP Creative Director at Lanig & Associates. His impeccable design sense and no-nonsense recommendations led to our increased success globally. The best thing about working with Peter is that he listens to his clients, figures out the best way to address your needs, and offers the most practical way to get it done. All of this while also making it fun to work with him!

Christine Oliver
Global marketing communications executive for medical device and life science firms.

I’ve been in creative and marketing services for 35 years. I can count the number of truly good and decent people in it from the agency side on one hand. Peter’s one of them. Peter’s motivation is to help clients like you grow their businesses through effective communication. He doesn’t care about awards— he’ll carefully listen to your feedback so his work will clearly amplify your voice. If you want someone who’s a great guy that genuinely cares about your business—someone who wants to know who is buying your products and services, why they’re doing so—and how you go about selling them in order to optimize your efforts—then look no further.

Michael Ostrofsky
Founder & Creative Director
Lyke Media

Peter is a successful business professional. He has the ability to identify opportunities and the skills to transform them to strategies. Peter’s integrity is beyond reproach. Peter is a good team player and a great team leader. His education and extensive experience have made Peter a quality addition to every organization he has worked with.

Mark Ryan,
Managing Executive Chairman
ITerum Energy Ltd

I have known Peter Oberdorf professionally for over twenty years during which Peter has accomplished many creative design projects for companies and organizations with which I have been associated. These projects have covered the range of original art for trademarks, designs for annual convention posters, program brochures, banners, name tags, and all related printed material. He has provided the art and layout for annual reports, monthly newsletters and book publication layouts and mechanics, web site design, updating and development and has always maintained a sophisticated and updated knowledge of the myriad of technical elements of the always changing demands and offerings of electronic design, layout and printing. His originality and artistic ability has always melded well with his keen understanding of the needs of his clients, always bringing his many years of creative problem solving to any project he undertakes.

William D. Schaub,
Attorney at Law
William D. Schaub, P.C.

Peter is one of the finest human beings I have ever met. He is creative, hard-working, and very intelligent. He has an easygoing manner and a great sense of humor.

Tim Timmins
Management Consulting Professional

I have contracted Peter for several years now. He provides SEO content writing on an on-going basis for many of our company’s clients. He delivers on time, some times ahead of time, and frequently more than was requested. Peter brings excellent writing skills, a good grasp of the many subject matters, and impactful copy. I recommend him as a cost-effective and professional solution to your SEO content and copy needs.

James Turner
Managing Partner
Guaranteed SEO

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