“For a growing early stage company, a brand strategy
can be every bit as important as the business plan.”







Peter Oberdorf brings 25 years of advertising, design, strategic brand development, marketing communications and writing experience to his clients. His client experience is also well rounded, having worked for a wide variety of companies representing Finance, High Technology, Higher Education, Collegiate Sports, several Industrial sectors, Healthcare, Software, Telecommunications, and Tourism and Hospitality.

As a Corporate and Marketing Communications Specialist, Peter keeps the foundation for all communication efforts focused on developing and elevating the corporate brand. By researching the market position and target audience up front, he identifies concepts and messages that track back to desired goals, strengths and core attributes of a company, resulting in a strategic framework that helps establish and manage a company's reputation in their market and community. Establishing and utilizing this framework helps deliver a more consistent message through all communication channels. Peter’s approach helps guide the processes that launch new products, new brands, and new companies.

"When I complete a project, I don't just want my client to believe that it’s the right solution for them, I want them to know why it is the definitive solution for them."

A graduate of Oregon State University, Peter has performed in key positions for agencies in both the San Francisco Bay Area and Portland Oregon. Along with the development of, and management of creative teams, he has held Vice President, Creative Director, and General Manager Positions. Through his own company of over 10 years, he has developed and managed marketing communication consultative services and also assisted with business development processes. Awards for his work span from coast to coast and include Addys, New York Art Directors, National Investor Relations Institute, the West Coast Show and others.